The highlight of last nights concert was your rendition of Arlen/Mercer's " Blues in the Night" and the audiences response to your performance of it. It was a truly spontaneous reaction from the public and the orchestra that was both sincere and justified. Take ANOTHER bow! You deserve it! My response to your talents is the same as when I first heard you: There isn't a singer in the world that could not profit from your considerable artistry and your exceptional "presentation" of the material. You "inhabit" it, you "live" it ......and this is totally organic and natural. I am reminded of Maria Callas. (From me, the Ultimate Compliment to a performer.) And if you haven't already, please put my name on your list of references. I see you now as being part of our NCSO "extended family"!
All the Best,
Maestro Bill Curry
Resident Conductor,
North Carolina Symphony 



I want to thank you so much for the fabulous work that you have done with Rachel over the past several months. She has noticeably increased her range, improved her pitch and control, and become more confident in her ability to sing while working with you. At every single lesson I’ve found you to be absolutely focused and professional, demanding the best that a student can give. At the same time, you balance your professional expectations and polished demeanor with just the right amount of humor and laughter that makes you an appealing instructor for children as well as adults.
The progress that I have made with Ms. Sorrell as my teacher far exceeds any expectations I had. Not only did I grow as a musician, I grew as a person. She customized my lessons to fit my skill level, while at the same time providing challenges to keep me on my toes and geared in the right direction of my goals. I have so much respect for Rozlyn Sorrell for her many qualities and teaching abilities...she is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to motivate and support her students.  Rozlyn is not just a teacher, but a friend.
K. Rencher
If I sang for extended periods of time, I began to suffer from a sore throat the following day. Through the various exercises and techniques Rozlyn has shared, I've eliminated the strain. She's worked with me on projection and the importance of correct annunciation of consonants and vowels. The three-month commitment was essential for me to really gain insight into where I stood and what I needed to improve. Although I came to learn the mechanics of singing I’ve learned to be more confident, to rise above negativity and to jump whatever hurdle may present itself. Rozlyn is a patient, fun, yet stern teacher. She demands your attention and will make you accountable. Our sessions weren’t always chock full of singing but they were always full of valuable lessons.
J.B. Zaloom
Rozlyn Sorrell is such an exceptional voice teacher that I drive all the way from Asheville – nine hours round trip – for a lesson with her. She has helped me profoundly with my singing, particularly with breathing and vocal strength, and gives me greater confidence to perform. Perhaps most importantly, I feel inspired after every lesson. She teaches with her big beautiful voice from her big beautiful heart, and I find myself singing all the way back to Asheville!
S. Robinson
Miss Rozlyn is absolutely the perfect role model for me and all kids. She can not only sing, but she can TEACH people how to sing their own way. She has given me confidence, self-control and most of all her love. I am so proud to be one of her students. Without her, I would still be the "wanna be girl" who sings in the shower. Now, I can sing to everyone who will listen. I love Miss Rozlyn. She is the BEST!
E. Haswell
Not all teachers are equal. A voice lesson with Rozlyn Sorrell is an intense experience, as she completely immerses herself in the student, accepting nothing less than their best....Rozlyn's presentation is concise, highly understandable, and thoroughly practical. Choosing a teacher is a serious undertaking with potentially long term consequences. Fortunately, students of Rozlyn Sorrell will know they made the right decision, as they will surely benefit from her teaching for years to come.
I have taken courses in school, but nothing compares to what I have learned over these past few months. She has armed me with so much knowledge on the "How To" of singing. She has so much to offer an artist, no matter what level you may be on. If you desire to truly learn how to sing properly and want to gain more knowledge as a singer, Rozlyn Sorrell is the best out there!
S. Pickett